We are "Summer" and " Winter". We are two of the lucky  community cats who get fed every day by Kitty Karma! We show up every day for our meal!

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This is what I do! A woman called me to see if I could rescue these kittens on her patio. I started gathering them and taking them to the vet to be treated. They were all very sick . Eye infections, Upper respiratory infections, mange, fleas, ringworm! They were all near death .One did not make it. I could not find a foster after leaving them at the vet to be treated. I am happy to say  that they are now all on the road to recovery. I am left with a vet bill of thousands! What did I get myself into?

All I know is I saved these kittens. They will all get adopted and have a great healthy life! But I need donations for spay, neuter, vaccinations, rabies , microchip and continuing their medicines! 




2016 goals

Kitty Karma of Delray

P.O. Box 6594 Delray Beach, FL 33482​.

Donating is more than just time or money, it's peace of mind. Now you can help even the smallest animal.